SB 2k17 Beach Bod

Hey Bombshells,

So God knows I can’t swim but that didn’t stop me from relaxing on beaches all around Southern Florida. This semester of college has been stressful taking my final classes at MU and planning ASU events, including this annual African Students’ Union spring break volunteer trip. It was only right that I put on a bikini and relaxed on beaches, riding bikes along the Ft Lauderdale strip, and drinking wine in a hot tub.

Funny story, I ordered bathing suits from Missguided and they never arrived, I completed missed how Misguided was based in UK and not NY. Last minute, I was at Walmart getting some stuff for my trip when I came across these bathing suit pieces. The brand clearly doing make the suit, its the bod. Here’s some pictures of me taking on Florida beaches in Walmart’s finest…

Pompano Beach, FL

Ft Lauderdale Beach 

Mid-Beach, Miami FL

More Fun On The Beach


-XOXO BeautyBea

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