Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipstick + Kylie Cosmetics on Brown Skin!


Hey Bombshells,

For this post, I thought I’ll incorporate both my YouTube channel and my blog.As my obsession for lipsticks grow so does my curiousity to try everything. I wasn’t sure when I heard about Colourpop’s new Ultra Satin Lipsticks because I loved how dry the Ultra matte is but I must say I love how comfortable it feels on my lips. Plus it’s still long lasting, I ordered The Rabbit and Tansy just to try two completely different colors. For Kylie’s Lipkit, I’ve heard really good things about it and was very eager to try it. After buying it, I’m not impressed. I like it and the color but it’s way too dry for me. You have to wear the lip liner underneath so that your lips don’t crack which is annoying and if you apply more than one coat (force of habit) it always makes your lips dry to the point of peeling. Overall, I like my $6 colourpop over $40 Kylie lipsticks. I hope the review helps and if you have a different experience, tell me about it.



The Rabbit


Posie K (Lipstick & Lip Liner)

-XOXO Bea πŸ’‹

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