Ceekay & E Handcrafted Goods Launching!

Hey Bombshells,

This weekend I was fortunate enough to be a model for a new line created by a couple of talented friends of mine. It’s called Ceekay.E Designs and so far it’s a line of crochet tops. I loved everything about this shoot, it embodied black girl magic. It consisted of brown girls of all shades and sizes, vining and uplifting each other. The designers are Claudia, Edwina, and Kezia and they hand craft these tops for profit, right now it’s around $20 a top.

I went out with one of the models Verity a while ago and she was wearing one, I love it so much I asked Claudia for one the following day. She’s working on mine right now and I can’t wait. I thought I’ll share these creative souls with you all as a great opportunity while supporting my friends. I hope you guys enjoy these pieces and order away.

IG: Ceekay.e

Email: Ceekay.e016@gmail.com

Website: http://ceekaye.bigcartel.com

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