Happy International Day!

Hey Bombshells,

My super diverse church celebrated its annual International Day today. It was a very bright and vibrant day filled with people from all over, ranging from Jamaica, Germany, and of course Ghana! With all the craziness going on in America I’m happy to be apart of a celebration of different types of people. I got to listen to different songs and witness how every country dresses. It’s always bothered me that America doesn’t have much culture to indicate their style but looking at the variety of looks today reminded me that this is what America looks like, a melting pot of people from all over.

I definitely had to rep my people in an African print top. This top has been a trendy Ankara style I’ve seen everywhere by my church. I wanted to were y with a white skirt but for whatever reason that’s a scarce product to find. I gave in and wore my black body con skirt and I must say it gave the same affect I wanted. I changed it up a little and tugged in the front a bit.

I also let my sister experiment on me with this crochet faux locs look. I’ve never been a fan of big hair and I really wanted crochet braided twist but from other people’s reactions the locs might be a look I’ll come back to in the future. I hope you guys enjoy this post and to all my melanin viewers, stay safe!

Here’s a couple of pictures I took from when Ghana got called up to represent.






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