Summertime Fine

Hello Bombshells,

So to end my summer, I invited my best friend since Elementary to get chipotle and drinks with me. After a relaxing meal on the chipotle patio filled with music from PF Changs and birds chirping we were ready to enjoy a lovely sunny day. I’ve always wanted to take pictures with this grass background and I finally got my chance. I also have a slight  obsession with flowers after making my tumblr so I definitely had to do a shoot with these beauties around my mall. I went about all these activities in my favorite trendy, rust off-the-shoulder top paired with my Abercombie & Fitch high-waisted denim and sandals.

Top Forever21: Similar

More fun in the sun, a day filled with chipotle, drinks, sun and flowers! Enjoy what you have left of summer everybody.

XOXO Bea 💋

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