Right Here, Right Now

Hey Bombshells,

Honestly, I used to hate turtlenecks growing up. They felt hot and itchy, and for some reason I would suffocate everytime I was placed in one. Of course as a kid, I was just being dramatic. This trend is something that I am grateful came back, especially with this winter. How do y’all feel about the turtleneck trend? It looks put together when I se ladies add a trench coat and booties. I also love it on a well dressed, bearded man,  with a blazer over it.

Turtle Neck: Similar Similar Similar

Black Trench Coat: Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: A&F Available Here Similar

Nike Huarache: Footlocker Available Here

Shout out to my friend (co-worker) Courtney because she has been a down photographer.

-XOXO BeautyBea šŸ’‹

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