Custom Made Prom

Hey Bombshells,

As a true African I understand the value of sewing. Getting something custom-made is an act that compliments your body. In the spirit of prom season, I thought I would do a post with ties to fabrics. A lot of my students have been stressed about prom. After striking out, they decided to get their dresses customized. What I didn’t get is why they didn’t come up with that in the first place. Once you have an idea of a dress, it’s hard to get anything close just shopping around. Tissura is a premium quality fabric company; their fabric could be used for many events.

This company stumbled upon my blog and upon request I checked out their website. Browsing triggered this post at such a time that I wish I could’ve given my students this idea sooner. Instead of struggling to find the perfect dress, why not just have someone make it for you? All you have to do is pick the style then match it to a fabric. If you want to be different you can even add your own twist to it.

My favorite type of prom dress is silk/satin. Silk is very smooth, it molds to ones body in a way that every curve is put on full display.

Look 1: Blue Silk 1 | Blue Silk 2

Look 2: Pink Silk | White Silk | Black Silk

Look 3: Blue Silk

Another piece that never dies is lace. Done wrong, lace can look too much or too old. But with just the right amount, lace is enough to show off anyones personality.

Look 4: Pink Lace 1 | Pink Lace 2

Look 5: Gray Lace 1 | Gray Lace 2

Look 6: Lavender Lace 1 | Lavender Lace 2

Look 7: White Lace  | Nude Tulle

This last piece was one I was not sure about. A thicker, big busted student of mine told me that wanted to wear a two-piece. She didn’t just stop there, first piece is lace and the bottom would be floral. As scary as this sounds, after looking at pictures it truly doesn’t look bad. It will suit her body more. Both the soft and femininity of floral and lace will make any female feel vulnerable and beautiful.

Look 8: Pink LaceFloral Print 1 | Floral Print 2

Look 9: Red Silk | Floral Print

Look 10: Blue Silk | Floral Print 1 | Floral Print 2

Look 11: Floral Print 1 | Floral Print 2

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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