Walking Trophy

Hey Bombshells,

A night filled with women uplifting one another, people twerking on their heads, and men making it rain on the crowd; my weekend was LIVEEEEEEEE! Now, I will be the first to criticize dancehall music and how negative its portrayal of women affect the young generation. That being said, the culture and aggressiveness of this genre is so fulfilling your body can’t resist.

Here’s my look for Jamaican Dancehall Queen, Spice’s concert:

Deep V Dress: Similar Similar Similar Similar

Faux Fur Heels: DIY Similar Similar Similar

Jewelry: Necklace (Similar), Bracelets (Available Here)

Up close & Personal with Spice. (And y’all she took out phone and recorded on it!!)

Also check out my “Summer Jam”: Walking Trophy

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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