Black & Bold

Hey Bombshells,

To be black and female is probably the biggest gift I’ve received in this world. To have a strong heart, beautiful yet unique features; there’s something courageous about us that differentiates us from most girls. This post is dedicated to self-worth and happiness in every brown girls world. Black & Bold is a brand created by a black woman to empowers Black Folks to live their lives boldly and unapologetically. In a way, that’s why I started my blog, to empower and add diversity for black women who don’t see people who look like them in the fashion world.

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Now, I’m not ashamed of my skin; Though obstacles it may bring. I proclaim to the world that I am A Black Woman, the element of spring. I blossom with happiness And Pride within myself; For I am A Black Woman and I wish to be nothing else. –A Black Woman, Nothing Else By Annie Ruth

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-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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