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Hard to miss, I have always been the lady in red. Never to be mistaken for a “green light”, my drive for fashion has kept my heart pure this year. Aroused by my contribution to the fashion world; my fashion choice is red. It is not a signal for anything other than my fashion heart getting turned on.

Don’t jump to conclusions, the slayage of my fashionable intent is clear. I just want my adoration for boldness, to be seen and heard wherever I am; a luxury many women don’t have. The character behind the color has always been just as fiery. And to think, a simple compliment about how red is my color by a crush was all I needed to stay on that side of the color septrum.

Dress: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Double Breasted Blazer: Similar Similar Similar

Clear Heels: Egoshoes Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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