Smooth Around The Edges

Meet Victor,

A smooth criminal – fashionable in the subtlest of ways this menswear pioneer inspires me. Victor has mastered simple church fashion in a way that matches his quiet yet powerful persona. With a reputation for being a gentlemen, Vicki donnes the art of good style. Style literate and noticed by women, he appeals to every men’s sense of style.

Less is more right? Naturally stylish, dressing well is a skill, his skill! Every morning, he chooses pieces and enhances them to fit his simplicity. Instead of wearing a necktie for the fun of it, his style is manly enough without it. He’s in traditional light blue jeans, paired with the perfect men’s footwear. Shirt free of stains and wrinkles, his style is ready at all times.

Dress Shirt: Similar Similar Similar

Sweater: DFW Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: Hollister Similar Similar Similar

Leather Boots: DSW Similar Similar Similar

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