Reoccurring Style

Hey Bombshells,

So I think I’ve tapped into something, the art of manly fashion. Unfortunately, I am not borrowing this look from the boys, I am claiming it! Fun fact: I have actually been claiming this style for quite some time. There was a time when I basically lived in suits. I loved making menswear my own through genderless dressing in suits or a dress shirt and tie. A smooth criminal I was, I claimed all of my dads ties and took the time to learn how to tie a bowtie.

Through fashion gender expression, I found it hard to act like a lady while dressed like a man. I didn’t bite my tongue, make any apologizes, nor did I make excuses for my actions. Instead, I go after what I want without hesitation. All woman and wearing a suit better than most man, I have been defying gender norms for years. This weekend, I donned a red double breasted blazer complete with a tie, dress pants, and pointy heels. “You’re back in suits?” Was the reoccurring question I kept getting. The truth is that dapper lifestyle never went away. I just honed the power behind manly fashion in my personality so I didn’t need a suit to do that for me.

Double Breasted Blazer: Similar Similar Similar

Cotton Shirt: H&M Similar Similar Similar

Ankle Pants: Express Similar Similar Similar

Pointy Toe Pumps: DSW Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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