A Model Of Style

Welcome Back Sam,

You are what you wear right?

Merriam-Webster defines a stylist as a master or a model of style. Eminent in matters of men’s style, Sam is his own stylist. Angels, halos over him, he deserves the recognition for how much his style has evolved. The key in that statement is that it was never bad, but it has gotten better and better. There are so many layers to his style, its timeless. Pick an era, any era, and the authenticity of his executed look and shoot will be spot on. This is another men’s fashion post dedicated to the most versatile stylist I know. From street style, high fashion, to retro classic menswear Kwabena Fargo is his own creative content.

Flannel: Stussy Similar Similar Similar

T-Shirt: Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: H&M/Tapered By Him Similar Similar Similar

Air Force: Nike Available Here Similar Similar

Creative Content: The Sarpong Company TSC

IG: KwabenaFargo

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