Yellow Aura

Hey Bombshells,

Fashion has always been my first love. It’s radiance and patience with me has been reassuring for as long as I could remember. It has a yellow aura that exemplifies emotional joy in my life. Although I neglect it, It chooses me. Social media has been disrupting our love affair. I found myself exploiting my blog for likes and attention. My blog stopped being fun and turned into a platform of affirmation.

I needed a break, that’s what self love is all about right? Giving yourself that time to stop, pause, and reflect. Moving forward, I just need to remind myself that it’s about my heart. Instead of an “I’m sorry”, I’m going to work on changed behavior. In a world of choices, I choose this blog and selfishly, myself. I choose to drench myself in clothing that worships my soul and compliments my spirit. I choose to embrace things that makes my fashion heart smile. I choose you, Fashion. Let your aura perpetuate itself with love and positive energy to those who come in contact with this blog of mine. Be that sun for me!

Blazer: Boohoo Available Here Similar Similar

Tube-top: Similar Similar

Jeans: American Eagle Available Here Similar Similar

Pumps: JustFab Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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