Beauty Beam

Hey Bombshells,

I am beautiful! Me, my personality, my brain, and my body. We live in a world where women have to pick one of those qualities; the catch is each choice is scrutinized in a different light. We’re told we can be one or the other but not all. Shout out to every women, especially black woman who practice self love. I am ready to start my year, and continue to have me at the center. Loving yourself in this world should be first nature.

I say this because of something I witnessed this weekend. I saw a black man settle for a white woman with no interest in him instead on making a move on a black woman he was vibing with. It humored me when he realized people found out. In efforts to appeal to the black woman, he mentioned how she was the one he was interested in but the other girl came to him and well “they’re both adults”. As he victimized himself in this story, it amazed me how black women are third class citizens. How a beautiful, in control black woman who was up reading could be overlooked by a drunk white woman in the middle of the night. What was more disappointing was hearing this black man think he still had a chance with this black queen before him. Shout out to my girl for loving herself enough to smile and walk away with pure relief in her heart. He wasn’t deserving of her and that is okay.

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XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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