Living Fantasea

Hey Bombshells,

As you journey down spring 2019 color trends with me, the next color on my delicate tone is turmeric orange. True to it’s name, this hue has some serious health benefits when worn on ones body. Of all the colors of the season, the color orange brings to mind tropical drinks, vacations, and a lifetime of happiness. It pairs perfectly with browns. Much more down-to-earth, the radiance behind this independent color is oftentimes neglected. But, when used to craft wearable pieces it adds a luxurious accent to all kinds of looks.This rich to touch shade showed up most beautifully in a bodycon dress presented on this brown girl.

This post gives you an oranginal body type in turmeric orange. I decided to pair this gentle bodycon with a simple pair of black sandals and my golden brown skin. This hue embraced my shade of brown whilst the bodycon accentuated my every curve; almost too much if you ask my lens. Orange encompasses the burden of a brown girl. Behind this hue is a beautiful, regal shade that is disregarded until it is deemed useful. Yet it is no less an irreplaceable tone, it’s precious tint remains undefeated and shines without a care in the world. With a texture of royalty and feminine opulence, the fantasea within this shade is the perfect embodiment of every brown girl this bright and rich fashion season.

Bodycon Dress: Similar Similar Similar

Sandals: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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