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When thinking of African fashion, Ankara comes to mind. Ankara is a term used for fun and vibrant African wax print or Dutch wax. It encompasses Africanness as it showcases the authenticity of the diaspora. The personality that bleeds through every print stands out in every room. These beautiful prints can be constructed into ones hearts desires. It can be influenced into different African identities such as skirts, rompers, necklaces, and even shoes. Yet, I have a love hate relationship with Ankara print. The texture of the print can be dull and stiff. There’s longevity in the print but one’s body goes through so many changes that you wear your Ankara ensemble once and that’s it. 

During my recent trip to Ghana, I decided to challenge those odds. I had a collection of different styles made using Ankara print. The riskiest of my custom collection is this one sleeve top with matching pants two piece set. It’s hard to get a flattering pair of Ankara pants or jumpsuit as the fabric itself doesn’t mold around ones shape like how regular fabrics do. But against all odds, I love this two piece. The pants could be better but the Ankara infused flare sleeve top is all this design needs to claim its African identity. This style is perfect for winter days like this when the sun finally comes out. It sets a precedent that you’re ready for whatever mood the weather throws at you. 

Ankara Set: Made In Ghana Similar Similar Similar

Ruffled Strap Heels: Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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