Black History Month Lookbook

Happy 1st of February!

It’s officially Black History Month; This indispensable month is dedicated to celebrating black culture, history, and the bold but beautifully blended people in the diaspora. BHM provides an opportunity to celebrate the black community’s past and present. It also allows hope for the future as this is the time of the year when this generation of black people is being equipped with the knowledge of their ancestors. To kick off the celebration, I curated a collection of looks that encompasses the essence of Black History Month. This collection features black hardship, beauty, and pride. It highlights key subject matters in the culture while amplifying the style of a black creative.

1. The Black Lives Matter Look

“Say Their Names” T-Shirt Available Here Similar | Jeans Levi’s Similar | Heels Available Here

2. The Valentine Date Look

“F*ck it, I’ll do it.” T-shirt Brand Similar | Jeans Similar | Heels Similar

3. The BHM Statement Look

“Black Women Matter” T-shirt Similar | Leather Skirt Similar | Heels Available Here

4. The Patriotic Look

“Nah -Rosa Parks” T-Shirt Similar | Shorts Similar | Vans Available Here

5. The Blackout Look

“Black History In The Making” T-Shirt Available Here | Jeans Similar | Heels Similar

6. The Casual Flex

“Got Melanin?” T-shirt Similar | Jeans Similar | Sandals Similar

7. The Daily Mood

“I’m Black Every Month” T-shirt Similar| Jeans Similar | Heels Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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