Beas Love Daisies!

Hey Bombshells,

After going shopping with my roommate I stumbled across these great finds. I got this shirt for $2 and I think these pants for under $20 (Maybe $15). I’ve always loved bell bottoms so I’m way too into the flare printed pants trend thats making a comeback from the 80s. These pants will be my third so far and they just might be my favorite. They’re the first pair I’ve found that matches my height perfectly, plus they have my newest obsession, daisies, all over them. Have you stumbled across any great deals lately? Feel feel to comment and tell me all about it! Or even another trend you think I should get into.

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Top: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Pants: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Shoes: Abercombie & Fitch Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea

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