Hey Bombshells,

So this Saturday something happened that really hurt me. After sitting in the mall with my head down, a random girl walked by and said “Hey Beautiful” then gave me a hug.  This act of kindness made my night but unfortunately, it didn’t carry on to the following morning. I wasn’t in the best mood Sunday morning for church, so I thought I’ll go dress down with a more simple look. I put on a plain bodycon dress and dressed it up with coral heels, an ankara purse and a necklace. Because the dress was white I added some color to it with my heels, purse and Mac lipstick (Heroine). I walked into church with this simple, dress down look and surprisingly I received a lot of compliments. Someone I haven’t talked to in a while even texted me saying I “looked nice, angelic in a way”.  Even though this was just a little text, it meant something to me, it helped me push through and enjoy the church service.

For this post, I’ll like to shoutout these people for helping me in ways I’m sure they didn’t realize. Also to God for blessing me in ways that I sometimes forget. He’s given me a really great life, filled with such uplifting people. I hope that after reading this post, the next time you see someone with their head down you give them a reason to hold it up. Be kind to everybody because you don’t know the pain they’re carrying in their heart and how hard it is for them to push through with a smile. I hope you guys have a phenomenal week.

Dress: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Charlotte Russe Available Here Similar

Purse: I bought it in Ghana Similar Similar Similar

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  1. I second the “angelic” comment; you’re so pretty! I love how uplifting this is, with you recognizing God and the people He’s given you to lift you up, while still being honest in addressing how you were just having a bad day. Bad days are okay, especially when you can turn it around like you described in this post. Keep it up!

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