Dashiki Takeover ft Ghana Tag!

Hey Bombshells,

Last winter, somebody dear to my heart traveled to Ghana and brought me back the best thing EVER! A ….dashiki! I’m in love with it, I’ve wanted one for so long but I’ve only found One size fits all and Unisex  dashikis in my area and I don’t trust online websites to get my size right. After wearing it to work, every customer I checked out complimented me and asked where I got it from. Customers I didn’t even check out asked the person who was to ask me where I got it from. I’ve never received so much attention before but I must say, I’m happy it was for embracing my culture.

I uploaded a post last week about celebrities who are getting in on the dashiki trend and how popular it’s gotten nationally. After recording a Ghana tag video for my YouTube channel, I thought I’ll upload create this post of me partaking in this cultural movement. I hope you enjoy my Tag and this post. Until next time, stay blessed and have a good week!

Ghana Tag

Dashiki: Ghana Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: Abercombie & Fitch Similar Similar

Shoes: Foot Locker  Available Here Available Here

Xoxo Bea 💋

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