Laced In Dashiki

Hey Bombshells, Dashiki Dress: Similar Similar Similar Sandals: Nordstorm Rack Available Here Similar Similar   -XOXO BeautyBea ūüíč

ASU X Spring Break 

Hey Bombshells, I know I'm late but here's some shots from my school Spring Break trip in March. Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale Beach Volunteer Work: Christ Fellowship, helped¬†prepare 60,000 meals that will go locally and to the middle east. Miami U ASU x¬†FL   -XOXO BeautyBea ūüíč

How To Style Dashikis!

Hello Bombshells, I know, I know, this is my third dashiki post, I have a problem! I was asked recently if I had a problem with Americans wanting to get in on the dashiki trend. Personally, I don't have a problem with this trend but I know a couple of africans who do. They see... Continue Reading →

Dashiki Takeover ft Ghana Tag!

Hey Bombshells, Last winter, somebody dear to my heart traveled to Ghana and brought me back the best thing EVER! A ....dashiki! I'm in love with it, I've wanted one for so long but I've only found One size fits all and¬†Unisex¬† dashikis in my area and I don't trust online websites to get my... Continue Reading →

Dashiki Trend Takeover Hollywood!

A dashiki is a colorful, loose fitting traditional shirt that range from casual to formal with an easy wear look. This garment is widely worn in West Africa by¬†men. A common form of dashikis is with an ornate V-shaped collar, and tailored and embroidered neck and sleeve lines. The name dashiki is derived from the... Continue Reading →

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