Summer Trends

Hey Bombshells,

I remember when bodysuits started trending last year, I refused to join the wave. I hated the trend and thought it was a bit childish. Recently, off the shoulder tops/dresses and chokers are becoming extremely popular and I made sure i joined that trend right away. For this post, I thought i’ll put all three of these trendy pieces with two different outfits.

The bodysuit wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it’ll be, but I think prefer them with long or full skirts than I do with jeans. Now the choker, I LOVE! Unfortunately, I’m not used to having something around my neck like that. It’s not tight but I feel like I can’t breathe when I have chokers on. This will be the third time I’ve wore one within the past two weeks and I’m starting to get more comfortable with it to the point that I’ve forgotten I have it on.

I’ve seen bodysuits being dressed down and up so I wanted to see with one I’m on board with. Personally I prefer my dress up look but I think that’s because of how the top is off the shoulders, it makes it a bit more dressy. Which outfit do you guys prefer?

Off the shoulder bodysuit: Forever21 Similar Similar

Dress Up

Dress Down

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  1. I love both looks! Since I am a lover of skinny jeans but also like dressing up sometimes, I think it would have also been nice to also pair the jeans with a simple black or nude pump. Then you would have a nice cross between dressed up and dressed down 🙂

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