Beauty is Power 

Hey Bombshells,

I hope this post finds you having a wonderful day. Most of my post have been on Sunday outfits I wear to church. If you know anything about an African church you know we come dressed for the lord. He’s blessed us so much in helping us prosper in foreign territory that we have sure you look our best when coming in his presence.

This Sunday I woke up feeling extremely super. My thoughts ran wild thinking about how slept on black females are. It’s so easy to look passed us when lighter or Caucasian females are the face of beauty all around. And when you see a black female it’s usually that “she’s beautiful for a black girl”. This post isn’t supposed to bright any race down but to give mine some glory. Stay beautiful everybody and spread joy ❤️!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword. -John Ray

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You may not have powers but you’re still super.

XOXO Bea 💋

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