Careless Bea

Hey Bombshells,

This weekend I was clearly feeling too bold. I wasn’t in the mood to dressy so I bought a simple body con dress and threw on my new nude heels. I learned a lesson Sunday, if I want to go for simple and cute I shouldn’t do bodycon because it attracts the wrong attention. I needED something looser and long to go with my careless mood. As much as I liked this outfit, guys and african parents were staring at me too much. Aside from choosing the wrong venue for this dress, I adored this color on my skin tone, its a color I’ve never worn. I hope you guys liked this outfit, I wore it to church and a birthday party for my pastors wife so yes I really didn’t care this weekend. I wanted to look good  without caring about what others would think of me. Where do you think I should’ve wore this?

Dress: Available Here

Heels: Available Here

XOXO Bea 💋

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