Allow me to reintroduce myself …

Hey Bombshells,

Guess who’s back back back back, back again gain gain gain. First and foremost I’ll like to apologize for taking so long to upload a post. I was doing so well this summer but after returning to school I’ve gotten busy. It’s my senior year and I’m taking a lot of credit hours. I’m also the programming chair for this organization I’m in, so I’m been busy planning events.

Now enough of my excuses, for this post I thought I’ll do two outfits to make up for this lost time. I’ve been wearing the color red a lot lately so I thought I’ll do a post of me painting the town red. I wore the jean outfit to go day-drinking with my friends and the dress to go out at a convention. Red is such a vibrant, bold color that it compliments my skin color so well. I definitely made a statement in these two numbers. I hope you guys can attest to that. Thanks for reading and there’ll definitely be more to come. See you in a few!

Top: Forever21 Similar Similar

Jeans: Forever21 Available Here

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack Available Here

Bag: TJ Maxx Similar

Dress: Forever21 Similar Similar

Shoes: Abaci Similar Similar


-XOXO Bea 💋

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