Costume Ideas For Next Halloween 

Hey Bombshells,

One thing I love about Halloween is the fact that everybody can dress up and nobody bats an eye. The more creative you are the better. During my time at school, I’ve learned that the older you get the less creative you are. As a female, as long as you have the ears of the costume you want, you can be anything you want to be. I played around a lot with this philosophy and came up with some pretty hot costumes.I narrowed it down to my top 10 trendy costume ideas. Each piece of these costumes can easily to found in your closet from red dress, denim shirt, and gray tank tops. It also has trendy pieces like old blue jeans and bomber jackets. I hope you guys enjoy this post and that it gives you all ideas for next Halloween.

1. Devil

As religious as I am, I know this lovely dress is perfect for a sinful night. I thought I’ll step out of my comfort zone and I’m obsessed. I bought this red wrap dress from Forever21 and paired it with devil ears from Walmart. This costume was so easy to put together and trust me I got the attention of everyone I walked passed.

2. Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell

Scrolling through Pinterest, I came up with this idea of a simple look I could wear to a casual Halloween party. The beautiful Kelly Kapowski, everybodies girl crush, was the perfect costume idea for this. I had an old white bandeau from Abercrombie & Fitch, suspenders from a male friend, and I went thrifting for the first time for these old blue jeans.

3. Retro Varsity Athlete 

As much as I loved my Kelly Kapowski costume, it is way too cold in Ohio to be walking around like this. I  paired it with my bomber jacket and surprisingly  I came up with a whole new costume. It reminded me of athletes in 90s shoes with their varsity jackets and old fashion jeans. Varsity jackets were big back in the day and as bomber jackets have made a comeback, I’ve noticed people DIY their jackets into varsity jackets. This look another casual outfit that is based on trendy pieces, old blue jeans and bomber jacket are making  a comeback.

4. Whitley and Dwayne, A Different World

As my obsession with A different world continues, I went thrifting for the first time for my friends Halloween costume. I spotted this oversize blazer and knew I was meant to be Whitley for Halloween. I adore this couple from how annoying Whitley Gilbert can be to how Dwayne knows just how to bring her down to earth. He’s amazing with her and doesn’t waste any time playing games with her. I admire a man who knows what he wants and makes sure his girl is taken care of. He’s honest with her about his feelings and admiration for her and she makes sure there’s always excitement in their relationship. It was an honor to dress up as them.Any classy outfit with pearls works with Whitley, and flip-up glasses is all you need for Dwayne.

Also, thank you Thierno for letting me use you to be every bodies relationship goals, Whitley Gibert and Dwayne Wayne.

5. Cataleya, Colombiana

If you know me, you know how much I’m obsessed with this beauty. I love Zoe Saldana and Colombiana is one of my favorite movies. So it’s only right that I attempt to do a look with this video and look badass with a gun. I didn’t have a gray tank top for this costume so I had a friend cut a gray shirt for me. Fake guns are sold in stores during Halloween so it shouldn’t be hard to find one. Next years look will be even better!

6. School Girl

One of the most basic Halloween looks are a school girl or a nerd costume. But just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s overrated. I bought this plaid dress last year and didn’t know what to do with until now. I put the long sleeves white undershirt on to make it look more conservative. Socks and flats gave this look a more innocent appeal and pigtails were the perfect accessory.

7. Hippie

Another basic costume is the Hippie look but bohemian fashion is so in right now that I thought I’ll play around like a trendy Hippie look. Flare print pants, off the shoulder tops, and flower headbands were trending this summer so it’s only right. This look is so fun and cute plus its really comfortable to walk around in. Surprisingly, this look was every bodies favorite out of the entire collection.

8. Rosie the Riveter

WE CAN DO IT!!!! As a true feminist, my Halloween isn’t complete unless I’m Miss Rosie. Every year I recreate this look and I can enough get enough of it. Rosie is a such a powerful symbol who represents the evolution of women from working, to getting to right to vote, to now maybe a female president. There’s still so much we can do in the world and the awesome thing is that we challenge every obstacle. Women are so quick to put each other down but Rosie the Riveter represents how much of a force we can make in the world once we decide to come together. This look is the easier to do from my collect, all you need a denim shirt and a $1 red bandana from Walmart.

9. Rihanna

Oh na na, whats her name … I used to love Rihanna but after her Umberella and Disturbia days I slowly fell out of love with her. Recently, I’ve been making up for lost times as my obsession with this foreign beauty grows. I’ve always picked her over Beyonce because she’s the true definition of a Fashion Icon. She’s creative and gorgeous and her wine glass escapades has caught my eye for a while. Didn’t she tell us she was a savage? Rihanna is so badass that regardless of the restaurant she goes to she walks out with their wine glass. It’s only right that I enjoy my Halloween weekend on the edge as I dress up as bad girl RiRi.


10. Cat woman

Of course I saved the best for last, I must say my favorite look in this collection is by far this one. If you look in my closet, black isn’t something you’ll find. I find beauty in color but this look made me reconsider things. Not only did I try an all black look but I also played with leather and lace when  I dressed up as cat woman for a final look. All black is usually too dark for me but with this look I’m ready to be dark. Cat woman is hot, flirty, and totally badass. I love how she’s paired with dark, and  cold batman because it takes a certain type of woman to fix a guy like that. My favorite accessories were with this look, I wore a thick lace choker and lace ears from Forever21. In fact every piece of this look is from Forever21 expect my heels, they’re from GoJane.

Check out my video for this post!!!


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