Loved One

Hey Bombshells,

Due to some personal reasons at the end of this summer I’ve been avoiding going home from school like the plague. This semester at school on the other hand has kept my mind and schedule busy. I’ve been surrounded by amazing people who love and adore me and they keep me going through wine and laughter. But for Thanksgiving break, I thought I’ll go home and face the music. I had an amazing time at home surprisingly, my family wasn’t too much, my friends missed me, and I came face to face with that personal reason only to get a positive outcome.

For the first time in a long time I didn’t want to leave home because I was surrounded by so much love and generous people that I couldn’t get enough of it. But I knew I must because its good to be missed by people you aren’t sure where your relationship stand. It is also good to go away and come home to people at home who love and care for you. I’ve changed a lot this semester and for the cause of that change to take a min and say “Idk what you’re doing but keep doing it” means a lot to me. I hope everyone was stuffed with food and love this Thanksgiving as I was. Surround yourself with positive people, disappear a little (BE MISSED), laugh, drink wine, and enjoy yam parties!

Now that I’m out of my feelings, back to what we’re all here for. I wore this bright and bold number to impress Sunday. I was told I was glowing, looked breathtaking, and that happiness and being a free spirit works for me. I hope you all enjoy this look as much as my loved ones did. I got my blazer (Similar, Similar, Similar), crop top, and skirt from Forever21. I also got this lovely gold choker (Similar, Similar) from forever and Kim K inspired latex heels from Ego (Available Here).


Hair: Mina and Elvira (Thanks loves!)

Smile: Courtesy of my past loved ones and current.

(Spoiler alert, I’m wearing white after Labor Day)



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