Brown Sugar

Hey Bombshells,

So when did I fall in love with fashion?

Just when I think I know everything there is to know about fashion, it surprises me and reminds me of why I fell in love in the first place. I’ve been in love with fashion ever since I was in Elementary. I would take my sisters clothes and change at school to look more “grown”. The union between my heart and mind sketches together each piece of my outfit. This is my forward movement as I innovate and adapt to the season. 

I thought my blog would be a memory but it’s herstory. I get the chance to pretend with fashion. For most women, fashion was that first friend, or at least a spark of a conversation to get us there. Fashion was always this personal, regional thing that belonged to just me. As I outgrow someone I never thought I could, my relationship with fashion is stronger than ever. My second love didn’t grow and mature like my first, fashion. This is my open love letter to fashion: I used to love you, I still do, and I always will.

This post is called brown sugar and I need y’all to feel this:

Dress w/ Fringes: Poshmark Available Here Similar Similar Similar

“You know we all lookin for wifey material. A woman thats fine, smart, classy but not a snob; hella hella sexy but not a hoe, thats brown sugar.”

Frill Heels: Egoshoes Similar Similar Similar Similar

Gold Bangles: Alex and Ani Available Here


To Fashion 💋

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