A Model Example

Meet Ezra,

I’m sure you’ve heard that the days of wearing suits are gone. It takes self discipline to dress professionally and a lot of men don’t have this skill. Properly clothing oneself is an art, planning every simple detail out down to the pocket square is embedded into Ezra’s lifestyle. This man embodies the art of manliness style. Style so tough and perfectly articulated that in its all black with layers glory, the burning summer sun could only accentuate every aspect of this look. A true maker of quality, please take the time to respect a man who dresses up in a society that dresses down.

Tailored Suit: Milano’s Menswear Similar Similar Similar

WUkanda Forever Shirt: Wilberforce University

Leather Shoes: Stacy Adams Milano’s Menswear Similar Similar Similar

Hat: Zara Similar Similar Similar

IG: Ez_the_dappakappa

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