Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Meet Kyrzayda,

“I am not only a fashion influencer but a voice and you guys care about that voice. Blogging and being a creative person makes me happy, so I’m going to do everything I can to continue to create content for you guys. I want to continue using my platform to inspire each and every one of you. It’s ok to fall, it’s ok.”Kyrzayda 8.18.78 – 9.9.18

As my passion for fashion grew a while ago, I made a Pinterest as a storage for my fashion heart. After a couple hundred saved pins, I started to realize the lack of diversity there were on that fashion platform. I then invested my time in looking up diverse bloggers; Kyrzayda Rodriguez was one of those bloggers. Although she was older, her style was so free yet sexy. At my Pinterest prime, I pinned her outfits countless times. Recently, I rediscovered her blog only to find out she passed away from gastric cancer at ago 40. She was one of my fashion pioneers, Kyrzayda was among the group of females who motivated me to contribute to diversifying the blogging world.

Kyrzayda was only given 6 months to live but she made sure she spent that time giving to the fashion world. She used fashion as a motivator to get out of bed after chemo. “I don’t know what God has in store for me, but I know that my heart is filled with love & dedication for my work. I have learned so much this past month about myself and I know there is always room to grow. God said in the Bible give thanks in all circumstances, not only in good times but when you have nothing. I truly thank God for all the pain I had to go through to learn to be who I am today. This blog is dedicated with all grace to GOD for saving and forgiving me. I don’t believe Thanksgiving is one day, I believe everyday we should take the time to give thanks, to help others in need, to say a grace, to be kind… If we have the opportunity to be a vessel of light … well we are just fine in this world.” – Kryz


Thank you for everything K.

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