The Gospel In Fashion

In the beginning, fashion was created…Right?

When I think of fashion I think of creative, well put together, and specific to a persons identity. This isn’t the case when we think of church fashion. Christians and fashion usually doesn’t go together. Typically, we think of long skirts, pleated-pants, and modesty.

Meet Lekan,

He embodies what’s the move and what we should be doing when it comes to Christianity and fashion. It is easy to appreciate the craftsmanship in the garments he chooses to wear to church. He is a man who can stand in front of my congregation and sing “Falling in love with Jesus” in pieces that compliments his simplicity and passion. This is his gospel according to fashion. Here’s a taste of Lekan’s style philosophy and I must say, he’s one hand-some guy.

Distressed Jeans: H&M Similar Similar Similar

Dress Shirt: H&M Similar Similar Similar

Chelsea Boots: Macy’s Similar Similar Similar


Check out his pages: IG | YouTube | SoundCloud

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