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Hey Bombshells,

“After all, as he says, Church Sunday is basically a fashion show, where everyone turns up in their finely pressed best.” -André Leon Talley

To advance fashion in Christianity and the negative stigma that is related to what we wear to church, this post is to attain recognition for the clothing that cover us. As a conservative religion, instead of worrying about putting on clothes that do not cause others to lust; our focus has been shifted to talking about why can’t others control themselves? The days of Adam and Eve covering up their nakedness with fig leaves are over, yet I’ve noticed a bit of confusion with the church, fashion wise. From long skirts to short body cons, the age and culture gap between church attire and the constant battle of representing “God’s image” is something still being discussed in fashion theology. 

I am somewhere between not telling people what to put on their body and understanding the importance of protecting God’s grace. I too, at times just don’t want to cover up on a hot summers day. But I will say this, I cringe at some pieces I see at church and I care about how I dress in front of my Father. Heels aren’t mandatory and neither is scrutiny. What I wear to church is a representation of God’s grace, his beautiful creatation that is myself has become content with my balance between modesty and modern day fashion.  There’s power, freedom, and vulnerability behind my fashion sense as a believer. I choose to represent myself before others with respect of my surroundings. There is a time and a place for everything.

Cape Blazer: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar Similar

Tank: Available Here Similar

Tailored Pants: New York & Co Similar Similar Similar

Heels: GoJane Very Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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