Milk & Honey

Hey Bombshells,

I am no Lisa Raye! All white has never been my style and now look, an outfit where I let the color melt into my complexion. Contrary to my personal style, this soft untainted color is so chic I couldn’t resist. This dress is youthful yet fun due to its length and the flare of its sleeves. It covers just the right amount of skin to make up for where it lacks. The bright colored shoes also adds that pop of color this look yearns for. There’s a sense of bravery behind the color white, one that forces you to risk your mood and patience. I’m not sure my fashion heart can handle avoiding make up stains and carefully eating. But if it does, I’m sure the energy of the looks would look like this one, beautiful and simple.

Dress: Nordstorm Rack Similar Similar Similar

Neon Lace-up Heels: Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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