Wild Woman

Hey Bombshells,

Think SJP from Sex and the City, maybe Jennifer Aniston from Friends, or even Rihanna; all effortless beings.

Evolved from a feminist statement, braless fashion isn’t to kick it to the man anymore, it is to help women kick their head back and not be restricted by just anything. As a little girl, buying your first bra is a rite of passage but ditching it down the road is empowering; kind of like a personal triumph. It has become my choice of being comfortable yet trendy. The choice is liberating. I am not protesting. I am not doing it for anybody other than myself. Yet somehow, my au naturel look has become a topic of discussion, one that has led to a lot of my friends embarking on this journey or judgement from outsiders. It’s always a good day when a friend reaches out to me that they’re still “freeing the nipple”.

Fully clothed from head to toe, I know my braless fashion serves as a distraction for others. My chest serves as the focal point for others to make eye contact. There was a time I tried to conform and give in to bras. Aching back, side pain, and insane discomfort was enough to make me aware that doing things for others only leads to sacrificing ones happiness. No underwire to dig into my skin, my braless fashion is free and comfortable. With a conservative turtle neck, badass booties, and nipples that ties into my effortless persona. I am the only support my breast need.

Wool Coat: Similar Similar Similar

Turtle Neck: Marshalls’ Similar Similar Similar

High-Rise Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch Available Here Similar

Booties: DSW Available Here Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

2 thoughts on “Wild Woman

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  1. Your outfit looks great, and the top looks so good on you. As a guy, sure Id be lying if i didnt say that braless on you is a bit distracting, and your breasts look amazing. But its not the only thing, braless works well with you because most importantly you have a beautiful face, smile, pretty hair and you know how to put an outfit together. Braless is like the cherry on top. The “Dang” after the “Wow”!! lol. Anyway, they look really good, although if i were walking towards you on the street you may have to forgive me for being childish and muttering “boobies!!” under my breath!! lol. x x x

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