Loving Dumb

Hey Bombshells,

Ahhhhhh..love is in the air, birds are mating…but why do I sense a bit of bitterness and anger? Bitterness from single women who aren’t caught up in the nostalgia based around this holiday. Anger from men who feel rushed because they are still studying the girl they just started dating. Honestly, I’ve never officially celebrated Valentine’s Day but I adore the holiday. I love the idea of a world in agreeance of tasting something other than pain and heartbreak. Love brings people together from all over, it unites families, and saves lives. Instead of fighting, lets focus on love, love your woman, love your man, and more importantly love yourself.

This Valentine Day, let’s choose to love dumb. Lets fall Kings & Queens, lets allow the joy of love fill teddy bears and ignite a smile in our hearts. Leave yesterday’s problems behind and fill today with love. On Feb 14, it is okay to give somebody the power to be in control of your happiness. That’s what love is right? Taking a leap of faith. And for my single bombshells, you are the only person in charge of your happiness so why sulk? With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I hope everybody takes the time to meditate on the love that they have in their lives and dumbly…leap!

Blazer: ASOS Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Egoshoes Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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