Queen Of Hearts

I don’t love often, but when I do…

Valentine’s Day has forced me to assess love, and all that I ask of it. My heart is in the right place, ready to make more love than sense. Pure, selfless love as I begun to dream up my man. A man who yesterday’s fight does not stop today’s communication. Instead of claiming to be anything, a man of action not words. Someone who wants to be consumed in this kingdom of me, with him my throne. I want the type of love that makes me not want to say goodnight at night just so our love story never ends. Someone who looks at me with grateful, hungry eyes as he takes in my every curve, one by one, starting with my smile.

Understanding what I lack in affection, he will welcome me fully in the areas I succeed in as he taste love in my hands. Arms of true love in a wandering world where we awake our masculine and feminine wild. I want us to maneuver the world as he does my heart, through kisses as he enters my soul and makes himself at home. We need to do new things; I’m talking dates at black owned establishments, creating our own wine tasting, and catching a lyft on a cloud.

I think love is the most beautiful thing in the world. It isn’t easy but it’s so powerful that we commit without fully comprehending what it requires of us. As the aroma of love fills every space I am in, it makes me wonder if I am finally willing to let love exemplify its beauty into my life. My dream man will be very lucky, as we enjoy our unfair share of magical moments. We won’t be in a rush because we serve the author of time. I have never been afraid of love, I am just choosing to be selfish with my heart for now. But when I do decide to love…  

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XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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