Vibrating Higher

Hey Bombshells,

My frequency has always vibrated higher than the people around me. Vibrated at a level where it is okay to move and it is okay to be by yourself. I’ve always breathed not worrying about what the people around me are thinking. This year, I pray God limits my circle to a radius of people who are like me. Friends that are like fashion, just pure fun! With fashion, I can wear styles that enhance some skin and categorize it as trendy. You get to show off what you’re comfortable with.

I found comfort in scarves this winter but that safety net is gone and it is that time of the year. It’s almost summer and I can picture the pointed comments at my chest already. This is the season where people try to make me feel small enough to fit in a societal box. It is that time where my free spirit mixed with my single lifestyle gets judgements from friends who vibrate at a different frequency than me. Subtle, risqué, or naked …a term some friends coined for my braless fashion… this feature is what I am comfortable in. This is my balance of embracing my skin and being bold with my life.

Wrap Top: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Sandals: Similar Similar Similar

Distressed Jeans: American Eagle Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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