Pink Suit Energy

Hey Bombshells,

Serving up some empowered woman vibes, I feel like myself. Suits have always been my uniform, they highlight my powerful presence while meeting my demands as a modern woman. The impact of the style is unmatched. A finely honed style, suits accentuate my personality instead of my silhouette. Let’s take a tip from the boys ladies and incorporate masculine pieces into our wardrobe. Trust me, if this style makes you feel even a fraction of how powerful I feel, then it’s totally worth it.

This look was not meant to go together but lord does it work. I ordered a blazer dress that turned out not to be a dress on me. Still captivated by the feminine beauty of the blazer, I looked in my closet and found this perfect pair of pants. I opted for a lace bodysuit instead of a shirt or blouse to relax the look a bit. The final product showcases how feminine can be just as strong as masculine. I’m not dressing like a man, I am reclaiming the style with my very own twist. All it takes is a blazer and pants to make me feel like my true self. I wear the pants in my life and it is nice to have something in your closet that gives off that aura.

Blazer: Boohoo Available Here Similar Similar

Pencil Pants: Boohoo Similar Similar Similar

Chunky Heel: Target Similar Similar Similar

Bodysuit: Amazon Available Here Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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