Velvet Edge

Hey Bombshells,

It’s officially spring…well kind of. There is still a cold front on this side of the map so instead of steering towards lightweight pieces, I inclined to opt for warmer fabrics like velvet. Velvet isn’t a trend that goes away, it is always in the background ready to resurface when it gets a little chilly out. This classic textile has a deep rich appearance and feels regal on ones skin.

The fabric itself is so versatile it can be draped in different ways. When I stumbled upon this ribbed dress, I knew right away it would be a great wardrobe staple for fall and early spring. Paired with a leather jacket to add an edgy feel, this cozy look was perfect for a going out look. Both staples are warm and just right for the weather change. The contrast of both materials transforms this look from modern to trendy. The nature of this fabric radiates a seductive aura and paired with burgundy, a romantic color, compliments my silhouette in a unique way. Even on a cloudy day like this one, the soft shine of this material catches all the light surrounding me.

Ribbed Velvet Dress: Available Here Similar Similar

Leather Jacket: Forever21 Similar Similar

Clear Heels: Egoshoes Available Here Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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