Neon Punch

Hey Bombshells,

Feast your fashion heart on something electrifying. The eighties are long gone but neon is back like it never left. The bold retro shade reemerged on runways last fall and is here to stay for the summer. Neon pieces are perfect to turn heads and boast your ego; this bright hue is worth the rave. It’s fluorescence demands attentions and does not disappoint. Hard to miss, bright and blinding neon isn’t just eye catching; the sun is out of its depth with the range of its glow.

Neon green is the perfect vivid green for a fun summer. Instead of starting small with casual streetwear, I opted for an unmissable ensemble. A sucker for a two piece set, this renewing green blazer and pant suit is a vibe for the summer. The suit radiates confidence and sophistication but in this color, it is a knock out. In a neon fueled fashion season, this color creates its own spotlight. While blinding hues may seem intimidating, don’t let that stop you from incorporating even the subtlest piece in your closet. This summer put a neon twist in your wardrobe and I guarantee you’d shine brighter than the sun.

Blazer: New York & Co. Available Here Similar Similar

Ankle Pants: New York & Co. Available Here Similar Similar

Undershirt: Similar Similar

Heels: GoJane Available Here Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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  1. I really like this. The colour is so bold and that top looks really sexy on you. I like how you put this together. Most of all, you are beautiful. 😉 x x xx

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