Tailored Appearance

Meet Enoch,

Most style appreciation for men revolves around suits. Yet, there is intent in simplicity. The only thing better than a well tailored suit is a well tailored man. There is this misconception that only women care about their appearance but it is equally as important that men care about the perception their attire gives off to the world. In fashion, we tend to think it is a risk to put on what’s familiar and safe. But sometimes safe is a risk in itself. Not too flashy, Enoch is the best dressed version of himself in anything he wears.

Noc city approached this casual style from the right angle, one that is tied together with his confidence. When it comes to fashion, well fitted clothes paired with the right accessories will keep your wardrobe sharp as a minimalist. Enoch understands that the smallest details, like matching your glasses to your watch, makes the biggest impact. The ultimate style accessory, his humble beard completely alters his look and makes a statement. It compliments his turtle neck as it accentuates his facial features. A break from stiff collars, this style is the new standard.

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IG: Nochcity_

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