The Garden Of AK

Meet Arnold,

Floral print shirts are vital in men’s fashion and shouldn’t be written off. There’s something about this loud statement print that works for even the quietest of styles. If you need some inspiration to help kickstart your summer wardrobe, floral is the perfect starting piece. This style breathes in tourist vibes and breathes out fun under the summer sun. Mastered with ease, BiLly Cash incorporated this piece into his summer attire to prove that this is the summer for bold prints on beautiful black and brown skin.

Fully aware of the print, AK paired this statement piece with light wash jeans to compliment its hue. His style is mindful, he neutralized the colors with a complimentary pair of bottoms and black on black Toms. The style tip for floral shirts are to tone your other pieces down, not overdo it, or take away from the print. Arnold’s tip is to compliment it as best you can. And once that’s done, don’t forget to roll up the sleeves. This speaks volumes on his personality, the man in the floral print comes out nicely whilst he brings together complimentary elements.

Floral Shirt: Similar Similar Similar

Light Wash Jeans: H&M Available Here Similar Similar

Toms: Available Here Similar Similar

IG: ak_hoops

Photography Page: a_sighof_a

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