Faith In Fashion

Hey Bombshells,

Parading around social media as a blogger comes with a burden with regards to my choice of style, particularly in a church setting.  This blog is written and directed by me and this website is a platform I use to showcase my personal style. My style leads to having to reassure a lot of people of my faith. Yet, I believe Christianity can coexist with fashion. With a lack of concern for modesty, my energy is best spent making sure there is a balance in my attire. It’s important to have a good contrast within the elements of your outfit to compliment your silhouette. So if I choose to wear shorts, I will probably be more covered up on top.

This post consist of a look for this “God Is Dope” T-shirt. God orders my steps in life and the saying on this shirt is a true testament that I am not the only one. Loose and a bit too long, this blogger found a balance once paired with distressed jeans. To finish off the look, I added a yellow pair of heels to heighten the color of the shirt. My looks are my creative expression, which is a form of therapy. Fashion is my art form while faith is vital for my life satisfaction. If Christian churches were more open to creative expression, believers who choose to partake would not be scrutinized. Freedom of expression doesn’t agree with modesty but it can exist in Christianity.

Shirt: God Is Dope Brand Similar Similar

Distressed Jeans: American Eagle Similar Similar Similar

Heels: GoJane Very Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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