Feeling Blue

Hey Bombshells,

What’s a closet without a touch of blue? A normal one. Blue is an elegant color that isn’t utilized unless it is making an appearance in denim. Recently, the color blue has been dominating the fashion world. This surprising shade is fueled with enough saturation to steal the show. Contrary to my bias on the hue, I agree it is a soothing shade. It is not too bright but under the right light it calms the nerves of every fashionista in sight; including this one.

In light of all the stress I’ve been under, I decided to give in, soak, and feel blue for a bit. There is something about my beautiful structure that doesn’t work with jumpsuits. So imagine my surprise with the fit of this piece wasn’t bad and its print didn’t deter me from purchasing. Unless plaid comes in a flannel around my waist; I typically opt out of wearing this print. Yet, somehow I ended up looking stunning in this blue plaid jumpsuit for my first ever Nepali wedding. This jumpsuit was a questionable last minute buy that ended up suiting my style. After some time of being sick, I felt everything but blue in this attire.

Jumpsuit: Target Available Here Plus Size Similar

Blue Aviators: Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Similar Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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