London Look

Hey Bombshells,

British fashion is ignited by a unique energy of originality. Its streets are filled with trailblazers marking this city a hub for fashion and influencers. Many are incorporating creativity and personal style to offer the global fashion world a variety of style. A short stroll on the streets of London and I was captivated by retro attire and suits. The image of people in their their personalize uniforms projected an image of the city, one that depicts it as fashion forward or maybe in this case backwards.

An international outlook, UK fashion is a power vector for well put together personal style. The sun actually came out in London for me to showcase my personalize style. My uniform on my shirt day in London consisted of a striped shirt and boyfriend shorts. To add a vacation vibe to the look, I paired it with sandals and wooden round purse. This look was completed with a small pair of round glasses purchased in Paris. A vacation has been long overdo for my lifestyle and this London look embarked me on a journey of peace and fashion.

Top: Similar Similar Similar

Purse: Similar Similar Similar

Boyfriend Shorts: American Eagle Available Here Similar Similar

Leather Sandals: Forever21 Similar Similar

XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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