Girlish Creation

Hey Bombshells,

The aesthetics of my blog comes from a place of power, vulnerability, and bravery. It reflects my nostalgia infused ethos of passion and freedom. Every post is scripted; I start out with the look then I work out the rest of the post to encompass the tone of my fashion heart in that moment. It tells the reader about the process of different looks keeping a single blogger together. Each post showcases that the quality and the condition of my life is still in tact; which is probably why I haven’t posted in a while. Despite it being a sore subject, it’s okay to wear your emotions on your sleeves but in this case … a dress.

Life isn’t always black and white; nor does it come in a cute font with a rainbow near by. As someone who is currently at a crossroads, the only thing that is for sure black and white in my life is this dress. This petite dress is flattering for my length. What might be the perfect work attire for a shorter woman poses as a sleek welcome back attire for my blog. This look gives off girlish and fun vibes as summer comes to an end. The look itself looks simple until you see my legs. It leads straight to bright red sandals which turns this simple black and white dress into the perfect girlish creation.

Flowy Dress: Similar Similar Similar Similar

Chunky Heels: Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeuatyBea 💋

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