Parisian Quality

Bonjour Bombshells,

As the capital city of fashion, Paris is a major city because of its landmarks and exquisite quality of designers. There’s a certain Je ne sais quoi in the fantasy created for this “magical city”. Yet their style only consisted of neutral shades, minimal culture, and simple patterns. Let’s be honest, their style is attainable but not desirable. Fashion is more than big name designers and looks that only look good on a runway. Parisian fashion only pulls weight in the fashion realm because it is made of high quality material.

Fashion isn’t always ready-to-wear but the concept embedded into Parisian style has a limited audience. The only piece of fashion I returned to the states with is this T-shirt with Paris written on it. The shirt represents a chic yet simplistic style the French hones. I styled it with bright yellow Zara high waisted pants and red block heels. This look achieves that effortless quality the French claim to have. Yet, it is infused with color, creativity, and personality…my personality…everything fashion on the streets of Paris lacks.

T-Shirt: Souvenir Shop Similar Similar Similar

Pants: Zara Similar Similar Similar Similar

Block Heels: Available Here Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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