The Art Of Love

Hey Bombshells,

From restaurant proposals, sending flowers to her office, to romantic first dates, it’s the most romantic time of the year. February 14th is fast approaching and I hope your fashion heart is as ready as mine. There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and with each plan comes a look that’s perfect for the occasion. You can feel sexy in a leopard print dress for a girls night out, stunt in satin top paired with a miniskirt for a sizzling date, or even cozy it up in a pink sweater dress for a late night with your favorite boys, Ben & Jerry.

For me, I like to go all out for the occasion in a bright red ruffled dress. This dress embodies love, well at least from my perception. Love is bold, flattering, and just beautiful. Sometimes, it’s consuming and a weight on your shoulders but it truly is a work of art. When given a challenge, love overcomes the ruffles and exemplifies its true beauty. Not everyone has fancy plans this Valentine’s Day, and that’s okay. This dress can double down as the perfect ensemble for a dateless lover venturing out to a museum to showcase a true masterpiece. One that is all heart and ruffles to celebrate their true love, fashion.

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-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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