Pretty In Pink

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers & Loners,

Picture this, on this very day you’re granted a day to be loved or to showcase self love. The trick is, both things aren’t limited to one day but let’s pretend it is, just for today. Let’s plan the perfect attire for this lovely occasion, one that requires us to wear something special and feel fabulous. I’ll go first. I would lean into this day feeling pretty in pink. I’d wear something tight yet long, heels – no brainer, and for an accessory you ask? How about a beautiful smile. This outfit would yearn for a date at a black owned establishment, a wine tasting tour, and an excursion through his heart.

February 14 is on a Friday this year, which means we have a weekend of love to look forward to. This type of love can be given to oneself or provided by some one else. Want to know the fun part? There are so many styles for any plans your heart desires. This Valentines Day & beyond, lets fall in love and let fashion catch us along the way. Let your fashion heart blossom at the thought of potential dates and the many styles you can mix and match. If you’re looking for an inspiration on what you should do on this romantic holiday, look no further than your closet. Let that be all you need to show your lover how beautiful your heart truly is.

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-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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  1. The fallacy of Love. The edge to look beautiful and handsome in our appearance is not only to express self love but also to express the desire to be loved and cherished especially on special occasions as Valentine’s Day . This dress of course will turn heads and stir hearts.


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